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Sal's pizzeria

serves New Style Whole Pizzas, Whole Calzones, Gyros,Special Wrap Sandwiches, Whole Submarine Sandwiches,

Pastas,Salads,Appetizers,Dessert, and Drinks.

Sal's pizzeria !

For 32 years Sal's pizzeria has been serving New Style Whole Pizzas,Whole Calzones,Gyros, Special Wrap Sandwiches,Whole Submarine Sandwiches,Pastas,Salads,Appetizers, and Dessert to the businesses and residences in Northglenn and Thornton,Colorado.

Mission and philosophy of Sal's pizzeria is that everybody has good health. We will serve whole and health food to our neighborhood.

We have developed New Style Whole Pizzas, Whole Calzones,Special Wrap Sandwiches, Whole Submarine Sandwiches, , homemade style Spaghetti,and Oven baked French Fries. Sal's New Style Whole Pizzas have been made with special homemade crust, special homemade sauce,all natural cheese, and best ingredients.

In October 2013, we developed delicious "gluten free crust". For our customers' good health, we will serve "heart-healthy" pizzas.

New Style Whole Specialty Pizzas!

Gluten Free Pizza !

Whole Calzones !

Special Wrap Sandwiches !

Whole Submarine Sandwiches !

How to make healtier whole pizzas and calzones !

"More and more pizza lovers want healthier options these days, and Sal's pizzeria has responded, changing recepies for pizzas and calzones".

Here are a few ways to help you prepare delicious and healtier pizzas.

Use at least 25% whole-wheat flour in our dough to replace an equal amount of white flour.

Add special ingredients in the our dough.

Use whole all natural cheese.

Use high quality ingredients.

Create recepies that feature more vegetable toppings, including tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives,onions,spinaches, and garlics.

Sal's pizzeria is the first pizzeria with whole pizzas and whole original calzones in Colorado !

Pastas !

Salads !

Appetizers,Dessert, and Drinks !

Business Hours
Sal's pizzeria
8988 Washington St., Thornton, CO 80229
Phone: (303) 289-4626